Liberty Dialysis

Lelaray Clinic Landlord to NNN Tenant and General Contractor

This 20,000 square foot building is of tilt wall construction with stone veneer and standing seam roof. The facility includes a 13,000 square foot, 24 station dialysis clinic, with 7,000 square feet of supporting medical office space. The facility is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is one of six clinics Huffman developed on behalf of Liberty Dialysis between 2007 and 2009. Three of the clinics were located in Colorado Springs and Castle Rock, Colorado. The other three were located in Brenham, Bryan, and College Station, Texas.Huffman provided turnkey services to this national credit tenant including site selection, oversight of design, and construction for each of the six clinics. Huffman and Liberty negotiated a standard NNN lease arrangement with Huffman as the landlord. This business strategy allowed Liberty to utilize its cash to leverage operations rather than having those funds tied up in real estate.